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So, two people and one hungry cat need, oh, how many elaborate place settings of 50s era Noritake Roselane china, plus ALL the side frippery (including gravy boats, tiny fruit bowls, platters big enough to land a plane on, sugar bowls, creamer, teapot and that big lidded thing that probably holds... dunno? An octopus?) Basically everything casually common in an Edwardian estate home... oh, what's that you say? Fourteen place settings? Seems about right, yep.

We unpacked the china after the move, checked everything, and for the moment, repacked. I direly need a china hutch. I adore owning the family china, but couldn't resist mentioning the humor of two hermits and a cat who are capable of throwing a dinner party for royalty.

My brother Dave and I, and the cousins all had to sit at card tables stuck at the end of Gramma Levely's big formal table. But we got to use the china! I always liked when the gravy boat came around. It's got it's own formed platter (all one piece) so we never had to worry about drips.  Here's the whole buncha us. Brother Dave is in the red used car salesman jacket; I'm the only elegant miss in gloves.
And here are my grandparents, original owners of the china.

Date: 2017-04-30 02:37 am (UTC)
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I have some family china that I'd be happy to send you. I've been trying to get myself motivated to get it organized to sell it.

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