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My desktop computer, Scoundrel, is under the weather. His harddrive took a nosedive a few days back, and it will be a bit before the scurvy lad is back up and dancing. In the meantime, I have my laptop. As nice and helpful as it is, it doesn't have my Outlook files on it, so there's a lot of reference info I can't get at right now, and that means I can't get my monthly Postcards From Industralia newsletter out. Also, the laptop isn't mighty enough to run Second Life, so I'll be missing my storytelling hour tonight (again). I won't lose any data because we are careful about backups and redundancies, but it is an inconvenience. I'm offsetting all this by indulging in a binge of the original Dark Shadows. Bad acting and horrific production values will make the day wonderful after all!


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 Tis a perfect day in our little cowtown. I relaxed for an hour this morning on the back deck with coffee, dandelions and the iPad. Dandelion petal pulling is not for the impatient but it is rather fulfilling to the detail oriented sorts. This is Day Two of harvesting dandelion petals and I've got quite a pile of them. In a while, I'll call it quits and simmer them all up with some water to make the sweet, golden base for dandelion wine. I'm going for a double batch. If I'm going to do this much work I'd rather go overboard and be doubly rewarded down the road

Ken's mowing the lawn, and Chives is romping from open window to open window to watch his dad. Later we will have panko and mustard crusted salmon and herbed noodles, with some homecanned green beans. Then late night I'm off to virtual realms for Fantasy Faire's Literary Festival.

Life is good.

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