May. 4th, 2009

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Organizing my thoughts and such for using this DW account. Unlike elsewhere, CocoaJava and Ceejay Writer will be sharing this journal. I set up two filters: First Life and Second Life, so if you add me, I'll be adding you back under one of those filters.

Since Ceejay is heavily involved in publications, venues and is active in her hometown, she wants to be able to crosspost announcements and news to the second life community here, and that's why she's hitching a lift on my journal.

Also, since I am clarifying - I haven't written fanfic in a long time now, I'm only mildly involved with fandoms these days, and I don't tend to chatter about such stuff in my journals any more. I rant about work, lament how busy life is, sometimes get goofy and sometimes am too blunt for my own good. I often chatter on gardening, food, and academia. I mention avocados a lot. Ceejay has her own issues, but her reality is *not* mine and she has her own interest base. So this could potentially get wacky.

So then! Feel free to adjust your reading list accordingly! I don't do drama and I don't pout over such things. I gave up drama for lent years ago and forgot to start it up again!

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